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History of Greater Mount Calvary Church

Greater Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church (GMC) was organized in 1961, beginning as a prayer band and later, a prayer mission. God lead the mission to 3100 West Ogden Avenue, and there were many outstanding churches present. The Moderator was the Rev. Lee H. Ivy; Rev. W. M. Ivy was the Catechizer, and many more. A motion and a second was carried by the mission that the Honorable Rev. Edicott Ivy. D.D. would become the official pastor of the above title, Pastor and Founder.

Rev. Edicott Ivy came forth with a theme, “Let us follow the star of David”. The star is “JESUS”. We started awhile at 3100 West Ogden, Chicago, IL. Then the star lead us to 3424 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL. There, the church was consumed by fire. The Pastor of Free Will Church, Rev. Lee H. Ivy, opened his door and made us welcome. During this time, our Pastor Edicott Ivy took a trip. His physical health began to let him down, but the Lord said, “Not so, I have work for you to do.” With his majestic miracle, God touched the doctor’s hand and said, “I will make him able to go on.”

Then the star lead us to 3422 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL. Although this location was uncomfortable, the congregation was happy.  Finally, the Lord showed our Pastor another star. Again, our Pastor said, “Pick up and let’s go west to 4522 West 16th Street, Chicago, IL”; here we can tell the world that “Jesus never fails.” Many souls have come to Jesus, many have been baptized and many were joined in marriage. Some turned back and no longer walked with him. Some went home to be with their God. But the majority has said, “I’m going all the way.” The Lord said, “That is good.”

So, in this big and better, happy place, we were surrounded by walls in front and back. One day, Rev. Edicott Ivy mind lead him to pull those walls down. God was with him, and with the help of Sister Lillie C. Ivy, the choir stand was developed and the pulpit was built. Walls and ceilings were put in place. Rev. Edicott Ivy was working on the building, going back and forth to the hospital and convalescing at home. He kept working until everything was in order. As you look around, you are looking at his hard work.

The Honorary Rev. Edicott Ivy, D.D. was a dedicated and loyal servant-leader to his church and community.  He was God anointed, and a God-chosen vessel; Rev. Edicott Ivy, D.D. was God’s meek and obedient servant. Rev. Edicott Ivy, D.D.  said that the spirit of the Lord was upon him and anointed him to preach and teach his word. He did not mind working for the glory of Jesus. Sometimes he was sick and was not feeling well, but he worked until his days were done. He was always faithful in his work for Jesus.

He performed many marriages, baptisms, home goings, christenings, counsels, and miracles. For over thirty-nine years, our late Pastor worked and served this church and community. A Street was named the Honorary-Rev. Edicott Ivy and the Ivy Crest Garden was dedicated in his honor. Now his name is among the blessed. Rev. Edicott Ivy, D.D. was a man of God, husband, father, and great Pastor of this church. He said, “For I am now ready. I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.”

Rev. Michael Ivy was called, chosen, and anointed to do the work of the Lord as he went about his father’s business—preaching and teaching. The day came when his earthly father charged him and said, “Son, go over to the church, sit in my chair and handle it. Let the Lord lead you.” After the home going of his father, he was officially voted as the Pastor of the Greater Mount Calvary church in the year of 2000. Presently, Bishop Michael Ivy is still serving as senior pastor of GMC.

Church Mission Statement

To be led by God. And build His church and community through the power of prayer and faith. To be faithful to the Word of God and the ministries He has placed in our care.